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Изгубената България

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A blog dedicated to photos from Bulgarian history


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A photograph depicting the remains of victims from the Batak massacre. In 1876, Bulgarian revolutionaries conducted an insurrection—known as the April Uprising—against the Ottoman government to establish sovereignty. Ottoman regular and irregular armies violently crushed the uprising, particularly in Batak. Ottoman irregular troops massacred thousands of Bulgarian civilians, despite the fact that many attempted to surrender. As international awareness of the event grew, Britain’s pro-Ottoman policy was criticized by other major powers, causing Britain to sever its alliance with the ailing empire. Britain’s refusal to fight for the Ottomans left the empire open to hostilities from Russia, which culminated in the Russo-Turkish war shortly thereafter (source of picture). 
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Хамали, София 1930
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Bulgarian volunteers in the Russo-Turkish War being presented with the Samara flag in 1877.
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